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by admin on February 23, 2013

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Before our review of Regzooka below let’s first quickly deal with the issue of coupon codes. Zookaware are one of the few services that offer regular coupon codes to shave significant pennies off your purchase, so make sure you follow the detailed instructions below to take advantage of the latest offers.

How To Use The Coupon Code

To use the coupon code couldn’t be easier. You simply click on the orange “Reveal Coupon” button at the top of this page which will provide you with the code itself. Clicking the button will also open a new window to the Regzooka purchase page. Once there you will see a box for you to enter your coupon code. Enter the code and your total bill will be reduced by 15%


The Regzooka Cleaning Program

Regzooka is a specially designed program that helps to wipe away errors in your computer registry. This software stands in its own class and has the capability to examine even the longest of registry entries in a user friendly manner. While the program is geared to suit the requirements of new and advanced computer users, Regzooka review also praises it for its affordability effectiveness.



Installing and using Regzooka is pretty easy because the main screen has step by step instructions and layout of the tasks which the program would do. Those users who would like to have an idea about the progress made by the program could use the built in graphics. This makes it one of the easiest cleaning software that is available in the market.

Warnings appear in red letters hence anyone could find it easier to read them. This makes it a great software for those people who do not have time to find out more details about why something could be happening.Some of the registry items that are checked by the software include: font entries, shared DLL entries, application entries, help files, folder or path reference, short cuts, empty keys and file associations among many others.

Registry Subdivision

Also, Regzooka subdivides your registry and helps to make sure that your start up menu is optimized. This is done in addition to the numerous cleaning tasks. You could also use it to get a tally or statistics of all your errors regardless of whether they have been repaired or not. It comes with an automatic scheduler which is a great tool for computer users who do not schedule a clean up for their registry.

This could be set to run on every start up and will shut itself down after doing all the necessary repairs. Before commencing on repairs, a splash is displayed on the screen. Regzooka also has features for advanced users. There is a prompt which could be used by experienced users to determine the items that should be ignored on the cleaning list.

Regzooka Safety

Concerning safety, the cleaner provides standard features which include organized logs and partial backups. This ensures that you do not lose anything or proceed with an action that could endanger the data that has been saved on your computer. You cannot find one that is better than this.

The program has a help file where people who require any sort of help could refer to. All the technical terms which are used in the software have been elaborated in the help file hence making it a great resource for the users. The steps that are offered are step by step and could offer the greatest help that anyone would require to use the software. Furthermore, those who may require additional help could ask for it through the phone number that has been provided.


Regzooka offers you a deep insight into the program a perfect cleaner for your computer. The software has a superb cleaning ability and with its ease of use, you will find that even those who have little computer experience could use it without any problem. Furthermore you can use the latest coupons to shave off 15% from your purchase.

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